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Our mission is to provide the healthcare industry with accurate and dependable medical professionals.

Our Programs

All programs offered at Allied Health Academy were designed by experienced professionals. Information was obtained from leading Ultrasound Technologists, Specialists, medical office staff, and healthcare educators. We have formulated a unique core curriculums based on critical needs in the sonography field.

Meet Our Faculty

Our impressive instructors hold advanced degrees and have over 25 years of experience in their fields of study.

Welcome to Allied Health Academy

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (also called Ultrasound Technologists) are essential members of any healthcare team. The ultrasound field is an operator-dependent profession.  Sonographers utilize hands-on experience with direct patient care. Sonography is administered by using high-frequency sound waves and handheld transducers to obtain images, most commonly in hospital settings. It is extremely important that the ultrasound technologist obtains sufficient knowledge to select optimal images of the patient for a correct diagnosis.

“Our goal is to ensure that each student receives the individual attention needed to help them fully comprehend ultrasound techniques and the logic pertaining to each scan”

About us


Allied Health Academy will provide students with the knowledge and training needed to start an exciting medical career within a reasonable timeframe. We use current technology and modern equipment to give students experience with the exact tools required to develop proficient techniques for a successful career. Our education program offers high quality academics and hands-on experience at an affordable cost. Our program also features a community service component through the Tri-State Health Foundation because we are committed to improving healthcare for all patients regardless of ethnicity, neighborhood, or economic means.

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