“I have worked with Ms. Mila Mayarovich, a senior technologist at Tri-State Imaging Solutions, for many years. She is in charge of quality assurance and case evaluation.  After reviewing monthly ultrasound cases and analyzing studies, she calls upon any technologist that can benefit from her notes.  She would then train us how to improve our skills so we could be our best.  She has taught me many tricks that have helped shape me into the technologist I am today.  Her main priority is to help technologist not only to scan, but how to do it right.”–Diane G.

“When I heard that Ms. Mufti was going to teach at Allied Health Academy I was ecstatic. Not only was she my teacher when I was in school, but she does an excellent job explaining in depth how images are taken and why. After I graduated I was able to reach out to Ms. Mufti for any concerns that I had about my registry review.”–Lynette M.

“I was excited to hear that Ms. Kipervas, the owner of Tri-State imaging Solutions, a mobile ultrasound company, is now a director at Allied Health Academy. Not only does Ms. Kipervas promote learning, but she also puts great emphasis on practice. She knows what it takes to get a job in this field, exactly what facilities and patients expect from each scan, and she pushes her technologists to be the best”–Phoung N.

“Allied Health Academy has truly comprised a top notch staff. Students get to learn from extremely experience individuals in the sonography field. I would recommend this program to any one that is truly interested in obtaining a high quality education.” –Da-Xia L.

“I can’t wait to attend Allied Health Academy. I have friends that attended other schools and had to find their own externships and had no help finding a job. Since the CEO of the school owns a mobile company, she has the ability and connections for easy job placement. Soon I will be able to start my Sonography Career!”–Vladimir S.

I was impressed by the prestigious facilities affiliated with Allied Health Academy’s Externship program. The well-known organizations they are associated with reassures me that I am in good hands and will come out of this program with the experience that I need.”–Manisha P.

“Finally somewhere to go…. I have been looking for local schools with an Ultrasound program for the last 6 months with no avail. I was hesitant to apply to Jefferson because the commute to Center City is not my cup of tea. This school is located in quiet Huntingdon Valley where I feel safe taking the train right up to the school and can even walk to various restaurants in the area for lunch. I also heard that they have a phenomenal program. I cannot wait to start!”–Jasmine J.

“When I went to check out Allied Health Academy the staff seemed so happy and helpful. They made me feel at home and I knew then, that this is the right school for me. I love the fact that they have small classes that focus on each student. Thank you to all the staff that made my initial interview a great experience. I hope to see all of you soon next quarter.”–Francisco T.

“Ms. Mufti was my favorite teacher when I was in school. She is great at explaining anatomy and physiology. When I first started scanning I was able to identify various parts of the body without instruction. ”–Josh R.

“Mr. Loune was an awesome physics teacher. I never thought physics could be fun, but Mr. Loune somehow pulled it off. He made class fun and physics a lot easier than I expected! He played a huge role in helping me obtain the knowledge I needed for my registry.”–Blanca C.