In every field, it’s important to have colleagues with whom you can talk about common experiences and career development. At Allied Health Academy, you’ll start by bonding with your fellow students over challenging classes and eventually, share the first few intimidating months of work as a new sonography technician. Make an effort to get to know your fellow classmates by telling a funny story about your day, get together outside of class, or chat about the lessons during breaks.

Friends in the ultrasound field are as important as wearing comfortable shoes. Nobody else will be able to laugh at ultrasound jokes with understanding, or give advice about difficult scans. For example, it’s not common knowledge that a scan of a left supraclavicular is important for a patient with a history of rectal cancer because there might be a Virchow’s Node, an enlarged lymph node on the left side of the upper body that can indicate a recurrence of an abdominal or intestinal cancer through lymphatic spread. Others might not realize that rolling up a towel and placing it on the chest of a patient undergoing a thyroid scan can give an ultrasound technician’s arm a comfortable place to rest when placing the transducer on the thyroid area. Since sonography can be a physically demanding career and many will go home in pain after a long day of scanning, sharing favorite stretches and endurance tips will also be helpful to others in the field. Furthermore, career networking will provide endless employment options if you should need to change geographic location, specialty, or work schedule.

One of the most important qualities that all sonography students share is curiosity. All of your classmates are sufficiently interested in facets of diagnostic sonography to ask questions during lessons, Google more information, debate ideas, and listen attentively when anyone is teaching or sharing. They care about new technology, the healthcare industry, patient welfare, and acquiring medical knowledge. As your expertise increases, your circle of friends will soon expand beyond other ultrasound personnel to radiologists, nurses, and hospital administrators for even more educational opportunities. So enjoy being a student and never stop exploring throughout your career. After all, there are more than 50 Shades of Grey…. Just ask a diagnostic sonographer 🙂

  1. August 2, 2016

    Great advice! I have been scanning for 20 years!

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